Balance and inner harmony are the basic elements of health. An important aspect in rebuilding power, vitality, optimism and activity is recuperation in the deep sleep state. In sleep the body and brain recover, metabolic toxins are eliminated and emotional conflicts are processed through dreaming. Natural sleep is based on tiredness whereas toxic sleep is driven by exhaustion. The amount you sleep doesn’t guarantee that you are dropping into the deep sleep states in which you move between Theta waves for REM dream sleep and for which brain regeneration and Delta waves allow deep dreamless sleep for cellular regeneration. When people don’t drop regularly into these waves they can tend towards illness. The lab values for blood sugar levels, cholesterol and uric acid show significant alterations.

For many years Peter Mandel has focused on therapies to regulate sleep rhythms, and to support the capacity to fall asleep and stay asleep. Treatments for balancing the Endocrine triad (Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Pineal) are very important. The Pineal produces Melatonin and as an outcome, Pinolin. They are powerful antioxidants, regulate sleep, dream activity, the biological clock of the body and the cells. He has also created a series of treatments to stimulate and activate dreaming. In disease where the etiology of symptoms is unknown Peter Mandel believes the cause is hidden deep within us. In Esogetics stimulation of dreams is seen as the royal road in uncovering conflicts and thus the individual cause of disease through making the wall between the subconscious and the conscious permeable again.

In recent years Peter Mandel has developed several professional and home use programs in the Synapsis Machine for problems with falling asleep, staying asleep and a 15 minute power nap program to release stress during the day. A good power nap can heighten your concentration and improve creative thinking during the day.


In the Esogetic view a weakened immune system is not the cause of an illness but a signal of deeper causes. Through a reaction the immune system is trying to bring the body back into a state of regulation. In natural medicine the therapist either tries to diminish excessive, aggressive reactions of the organism or he applies natural methods to slowly increase immune competence.

Stress occurs when life events seem stronger than our ability to cope. It causes our immune system to increase levels of cortisol which in the long-term cause chronic inflammation, decrease in the production of lymphocytes (the white blood cells that block infection) and can cause depression and anxiety.

Chronic inflammation contributes to the development of many diseases of the immune system: allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and mental decline.

Esogetic therapies are designed to reset the immune system on the causal level. For example in the treatment of allergies the approach is to clear the underlying emotional conflict stress by working with the emotional part of the brain the hypothalamus/limbic system. Along with symptomatic protocols we address the individual childhood conditioning from the prenatal phases and through the ages three to nine to unburden unconscious stress.

Also through Esogetic protocols inflammations and fevers are drained through the skin and mucous membrane barriers of the body. Mucous discharges, sweat and rashes are supported as well as increasing activity of the kidneys and intestines. Treatments with Colorpuncture can benefit adults and children with immune problems.



In Esogetics, spirit, soul and body and their interaction are seen as one flow. Spirit and psyche move matter. Through brain research it has been established that in trauma the release of the stress reaction out of the mind/body is blocked and the system becomes caught in a re-traumatization cycle. The mind/ body becomes stuck in chronic psychosomatic responses that cannot be cleared through verbal therapy.

In response Peter Mandel has developed many non-verbal somatic therapies that work via the Limbic brain and specifically the Amygdala and Hippocampus to reregulate the brain and allow new patterns of awareness to form.

“We can’t replace lost love but we can bring order to emotional patterns that are self destructive arising from trauma or lack of love and attention as a child.”

Peter Mandel

Burn Out

As a part of working with trauma and early child wounds the Esogetic system has powerful remedies for supporting the resolution of the condition known as “burnout,” which was traditionally termed “nervous breakdown.”

The theory of “burnout” was first described in 1974 by Herbert Freudenberger in his book “The High Cost of Success.” Burnout begins with a compulsion to prove oneself due to lack of empathic mirroring as a child. In the long-term it creates a pattern of self-neglect and eventually fully-fledged emotional and physical symptoms: an inner void, exhaustion and declining performance.


An important aspect of the discussion of trauma and “burn-out” is the issue of addiction. Addiction in this system is understood as an attempt at self-regulation due to lack of inner resources. Peter Mandel has protocols to work with all the stages of addiction starting with detoxification and brain regulation and most importantly for re-envisioning one’s life path orientation.


The Esogetic approach to resolving depression is firstly through the conflict model. The formation of a person’s consciousness through the early attachment phases of birth and the subsequent development period until age 25, when the brain is fully formed, can be significantly impacted by rejection, loss, abandonment and violence. These imprints affect the world-view of the adult and this loss of synchronization in the unity of spirit-soul-body destroys the communication of the cells, organs and tissues.

Another part of the approach is to support the gut/enteric brain. Serotonin, dopamine and all the opiates are formed in the gut brain. Thus the enteric brain is the root of our psycho-immunity. People with chronic gut conditions such as Crohn’s disease and Irritable bowel syndrome have been shown to have a longer lasting impact from negative circumstances. In Peter’s view the gut brain is also a portal to the subtle information fields and can reconnect clients to their “gut reactions” and a sense of life orientation which is lost in depression.


The causes of pain in the body are multi-layered. A central tenet of Esogetic therapy is that “illness proceeds from the subtle to the gross” and in this view many psychological tensions unconsciously affect the movement process and the development of pain. Resolving blockages in the subconscious can support improvement in pain of the spine and the musculoskeletal system. Traumatic experiences of early adolescence and prenatal stresses can develop into issues with partnership and sexuality and these problems can become locked in the joints. By resolving these embedded negative feedback loops the body can relax and form new movement sequences.

“The theory that human traumatization has its roots in inhibition of the freeze discharge after surviving mortal threat has important implications for the treatment of physical and emotional disorders in victims of trauma and chronic pain. The neurophysiological and neuro-hormonal events involved in flight/fright/freeze response clearly have profound effects on all organ systems in the body. The truncated freeze response appears to be the physiological event that initiates the CNS changes leading to post traumatic stress response disorder and chronic pain.”

Robert Scaer, “The Body Bears the Burden”

Peter Mandel has created many methods for working with pain in the last forty years. For example, in the treatment of migraines, working with the polarity (the theory of the “Inverted Man”) between the head and the pelvis is used as a method for resolution of the conflict between thinking and the gut feelings. Other therapies use the holographic principle, seeing all joints as one system and treating the grid nets in the brain via skull somatic reflex areas. Another aspect of pain involves the lymph in which the issue of focal intoxication is central.


Children respond very well to Esogetic therapies and generally feel safe with the non-invasive protocols. Therapies for concentration problems like ADHD, allergies, digestive complaints and trauma can be applied.

A central focus in the treatment for children are the prenatal phases based on the theories of Robert St. John. From six weeks after conception the somatic brain of a child takes in everything that the mother is experiencing through her surroundings. After birth these impressions laid down in the midbrain can become triggers for specific weaknesses and diseases.

As a way of resolving these issues in children, we are interested in regulating the Limbic brain: the seat of feelings and emotions. In ADHD, especially, we are introducing impulses into the midbrain to promote regulation.

From the Esogetic viewpoint, fever is a chance to overcome immunological weaknesses. Fever and inflammation are the mounting of a defense mechanism and the expression of resistance: natural and desirable reactions in the body. When antibiotics are used repeatedly they can block these important disease and healing processes. Using light therapies we implement measures to cleanse the entire body and accelerate detoxification through the lymph system.


“Disease is the loss of the ability of the cell to regulate itself and maintain its vibratory behavior.”

In chronic disease this process is already demonstrably underway. From the Esogetic viewpoint it is beneficial in these circumstances to work in collaboration with classical medical procedures. We need to look at where, when and why the client has lost their equilibrium. This requires an intense inquiry between the therapist, the client and their environment.

In Esogetics we are looking at the causal chain, self-responsibility and patient compliance in our effort to discover the root of the pattern changes. Disease represents a communication problem between the three levels: spirit, soul and body resulting in stasis and a loss of dynamism. The immune system capitulates in the face of chronic unresolvable conflict stress. These conflict patterns develop during the early and prenatal phases and continue to be reinforced during later development. The symbols and images of our deeper layers no longer come to the surface and eventually we lose contact with our orientation in the world.

The intention of the Esogetic therapies is to induce conflict resolution to release these characteristic reaction patterns and destructive adaptation syndromes. In this way we are trying to create reflexes that remove the blockage on a higher level so that the faulty reflexes of the subordinate centers can calm down and regulate. This process is highly individual and through diagnosis and therapy we are tracking not only cellular structures but also the connections to the programmed individuality.

The theories and hypothesis we have formed are based on scientific research and especially new approaches to gastroenterology. Through the effect of colored light the information contained in the energy unfolds a targeted effect inside the body and the cell’s innate vibration is brought back into resonance.

For example, from the Esogetic view, in rheumatic complaints, which are characterized by painful tissue changes around the joints and muscles, the disease progression starts in the hormonal endocrine system. We are tracking a connection between the emotional disturbances and changes in the connective tissue and musculoskeletal system.

In diabetes, metabolic disease in the pancreas is the central issue. In the latest research there is an emphasis on stress and diabetes. The imagined fight for survival promotes problems in the 1.5 million cells of the Islets of Langerhans and the pancreatic duct that develops the internal secretion of insulin from the B cells and glucagon from the A cells.